Tuesday, November 16, 2004


there are street pigs and street cows in this city. thousands of them. everywhere. sleeping, eating the garbage, strolling between the cars and the rickshaws and the motorbikes and the scooters and the pedestrians and the bikes in the traffic.

jaipur has an excellent garbage disposal system. zsolt explained me how it works: you put your garbage in a plastic bag and leave it in front of your house. then someone comes during the night and seperates those that can be recycled from the rest: glass, plastic, paper, etc. (this is sometimes how it works in turkey too. the rest is somewhat different.) and then the pig comes. then the cow comes. then the dog and the rat come and eat the rest of the stuff. as the final step, once in a year, the monsoon comes and floods everywhere.

very efficient method without requiring complicated, expensive machinery. it also explains why one has to have i don't know how many vaccinations and pills to be able to survive in this country.


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