Friday, November 26, 2004

kele kya bhaav hai? *

it's been a while since we haven't posted anything here. we're still here and fine. pushkar (and the camel fair) was SO fascinating that we ended up staying there for 3 days. gokce is currently writing about it while i'm busy editing the photos. they'll probably be online tomorrow. life in jaipur is quite interesting. there's still a lot to discover in the capital of rajasthan.

one of the most exciting things here is learning the language. now we can make some basic sentences in hindi. it's really interesting, and i think it won't be very hard to learn although i still couldn't convince myself that i'll be able to master the script. i'm not sure if my visual memory is good enough to deal with that. here's what it looks like:

there's a lot more to write about the language but i have to go back to work now.

*: how much are the bananas?


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