Saturday, November 06, 2004



doesn't quite look like anything you've seen before. closed space, but not entirely separated from outside. no air conditioning. being in hot humid weather doesn't let you disconnect yourself from what is outside. you are, on the other hand, extremely disconnected from everything else that is outside. the crowd is absent here - it feels weird to come across empty tables in a city where there's literally no space for movement. ten or maybe even more fans turning above your head, creating a humid wave of wind. it feels like the ceiling itself is a live thing. indian waiters are serving food and beer to a handful of westerners and again a handful of indians privileged enough to be there. you can feel that you are "somewhere" on earth. everyone who's inside seems to be just passing by - you're almost sure that they've been moving for a while, and they will go on moving very soon. but the feeling isn't particularly one that moves, or one that inspires one to move. it's more a sense of being stuck somewhere - longer than just pausing.


bombay cok cekici cok heyecanli ve cok inanilmaz. ama nevizade'de bira icmeye alismis istanbul cocugu gokce ve arda icin bazen biraz fazla inanilmaz. mondegar bombay'daki batili siginagimiz oldu bizim - elephanta'da maymunlardan kacarken (arda lutfen limca icen maymunlarimizin da resimleri olsun bu sayfada!) ya da tren istasyonunda vagonlari dolasirken mondegar'a kacmak hayallerine dusuverdik bol bol. birbirimizi kurtarmak icin alistigimiz dunyaya en yakin bombay kafesini us edindik. ama arda hakli, kesinlikle 'it could be anywhere' bi yer degildi ussumuz. bi de 'it could be anywhere' temasini hepimiz akillarimiza not edelim hemen! bu tanimlama hayatimizi cok kolaylastirdi gunler boyu, sirf 'it could be anywhere' diye terk ettigimiz cografyalar bile olageldi. bunlari yazarken puna'dayim ben, zaman zaman burasi da 'it could be anywhere' bi sehir hissi veriyo bana, acaba jaipur'a mi tasinsam diye dusunuyorum.



Blogger Flypig said...

Mondegar and empty? Wow? At what hour did you get Mondegar empty? Its alwasy full.
"handful of indians privileged enough to be there" Uh, were you having something stronger than beer? Lots of us Indians in there :)

8/04/2005 10:20 pm  

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