Friday, November 05, 2004

rickshaws and photos

1am and still sitting at the office. people working like crazy to get the paper ready for the morning. if you're interested, just go to to see if they've done it well enough.

hope i'll find a "rickshaw" back home. (rickshaw /n/ : a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person.) car taxi doesn't exist in jaipur. you have to choose between bike or motorcycle rickshaws - i've always taken the second one so far. haven't got used to the idea of using manpower as a means of pulling vehicles yet. and i probably never will. yesterday we were going to an aiesec dinner with my roommate, and we took a cycle rickshaw. it felt more than weird to sit there at the back while the "driver" was pulling two of us (sometimes uphill) for maybe like 3-4 kilometres. for 20 rupees. less than half a US dollar. i do know that he does need that money more than anything. which one is better; taking it or not taking it - i don't know. but not taking is easier, that's for sure.

i've really missed spending time on the net. just finished uploading some pics from GOA - coming next: bombay. i'm going in reverse order for some reason, but i guess i couldn't resist playing with goa pics first. i probably miss it more than bombay or bahrain, that should be why.


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