Friday, December 10, 2004

back to pushkar

this is our first attempt to video blogging.

gokce recorded it during the pushkar camel fair. beautiful rajasthani music played by two (or three - if you count the baby) street musicians while the camels are going on their daily lives in the background. very atmospheric - i think it's really worth downloading the 5 MB file. (2'06")

here's the link: DOWNLOAD/PLAY

some tips:

1) you *may* need quicktime installed on your system to be able to play it - although i'm not sure.
i tested it on quicktime player running on macos x and it works fine.
2) it's always safer to save the file on your hard drive by right clicking the link and choosing "save as..." and then opening it in your default application.
3) those on koc campus can play it without downloading, as the file is hosted on the ku network.

were you able to play the video?

i didn't try

did you enjoy it? (please answer only if you could play it)


do you think we should post more videos here?

i don't care



Blogger zeren said...

halen hindistanda misiniz? dondunuz mu?
bu arada gercekten degdi videoyu download etmeme bir de merak ettim nasil 2 dakkayi 5 mb a indirebildiniz.. avi formatindan dolayi mi.. goruntu kalitesi kaybi bundan dimi?

12/13/2004 8:08 am  
Blogger zeren said...

tesekurler cevabiniz icin, evet cleveland, ohio'dayim, okul ve arkadas cevresi itibariyle ama ben de hindistan'da sayilirim (muhendislik master :)
blogunuza yeni videolar eklemeye devam ederseniz sevinirim. bir de halen ulkeyi mi geziyorsunuz, yoksa sabit bir sehirde misiniz artik?

12/14/2004 10:14 am  
Blogger yücel said...

Cok güzel, istersen
(amatör sayfa) a bir göz at. india for ever..........

1/02/2007 8:58 pm  

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