Monday, December 27, 2004


after our rearrival in jaisalmer following a couple of days in the middle of the desert, i couldn't figure out the meaning of the insistent "are you ok?" messages on my cell until i received a call from my father excitedly speaking about the earthquake in south east asia.

the magnitude of the disaster is unbelievable - but we're safe and fine, thousands of kilometres away from the effected areas. in this rajasthani desert town, people don't seem to know or care much about what's going on outside. some were sitting and joyfully watching a cricket game in a cafe in jaisalmer fort last night until we begged them to switch to a news channel for a few minutes. in the end they did, but it didn't last much - about half an hour of bbc , a bollywood vcd was inserted into the player.

we're still in jaisalmer and heading back to jaipur tonight - i have to leave now but i'll post more tomorrow.


Blogger vampir said...

you scared the *ehmehm* out of us..

12/27/2004 9:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there!!
It was fun to see and know the way you are experiencing INDIA, Best of Luck to you two.
Manish S

1/02/2005 2:28 pm  

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