Sunday, January 23, 2005

back on the net

it feels sad to see that the last entry here was posted almost a month ago.

the last few weeks have been crazy. first the jaisalmer trip, then the new year's eve, a couple of weeks in jaipur trying to plan the following weeks, a goodbye to jaipur at least for a while, travelling with gokce's family for a week, and finally here i am, typing this post in a crappy internet cafe in delhi's pahar ganj, waiting for a long long train ride to bombay, a city that's now filled with confused memories of the first encounters with the subcontinent.

dodo, ekin and gokce (another one), my friends from istanbul, arrived here a few days ago and we'll be travelling around for a couple of weeks. gokce is now on a plane heading for istanbul and she won't be back before the 13th of february.. she typed a lot of stuff to be posted here before we left jaipur, but i've never got the chance to hook the laptop on the net and post them - and having left the floppy in my backpack locked in the guesthouse a few kilometres away from here, i won't be able to do it at least for another couple of days..

you can be sure that the blog will be running again at full speed starting from this week. tens of photos and some write-ups are waiting on the dusty discs of the hard drive - but i'll need a couple of more days to organise them for the web. more and more will be coming as we'll be moving around the country non-stop until the 4th of feb.

keep checking back often, see you in bombay!


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